Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Ant a Day Project Begins...

Have you ever just sat down on the ground on a warm summer day and just watched the ants crawl around you?

I have done this on a few occasions and have always been fascinated, amused and even inspired by ants.... yes, ants.

Their life is made up of performing their given tasks over and over again, working together day-in and day-out for the sole purpose of keeping their queen ant and ultimately their colony surviving. No complaining, no lunch breaks, no chats at the water cooler, they just keep moving... they are determined and dedicated to the task. Finding food and water, making tunnels, fighting off enemies are a few of the tasks they undertake to ultimately protecting their future ant colony generation.

I am in no way saying that I'd like to go around performing mind numbing tasks over and over again each day, but I do find the ant's determination and work ethic to get the job done and ultimately complete their purpose for their lifetime quite inspiring.

Perhaps my perspective on the ant's life has been romanticized but this is my view and why I have chosen Ants to focus on during my 365 day "Ant-a-Day" project. It is also inspired by Noah Scalin's project Skull-A-Day.

I do have to say that it appears that others also have a fondness for ants and it's not just me :)

Some examples (feel free to add more below if you think of any):
  • A Bugs Life - One of my absolutely favorite animated films. The main character, Flik, is an ant.
  • Antz - Another animated film using ants as characters
  • Ant Farms - No, I don't have one... I believe that gets into the "harming ants" category and remember "no ants will be harmed in the making of this blog"
I hope you will find what I create each day interesting at the least and potentially cause you to gain a new perspective on this insect we call the ant.

*I love to be inspired by outside sources as well, so please feel free to post thoughts or ideas for me to try out!

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